Windsor Mineral Spring / Fire Water

Just outside St. Anns Bay you will find the Windsor Mineral Spring (more popularly known as “Fire Water”). It is a little pool of water with a very uncommon condition. The pond holds water which can be ignited! This circumstance is believed to be caused by a high mass of sulphur in the water.

Once you come at the village of Windsor, you’ll be greeted by the residents who will bring you towards a bamboo and canvas shielded hutch. Inside lies the well known “Fire Water”. Your tour-guide will reveal the fire water to you and let you walk through the flaming water.

Fire massages are given in the pool, where the receiver lies in the water and a rubbing is performed with a towel which has been immersed in the sulphuric water and held in the fire. The high concentration of minerals in the water is said to have medicinal properties and many tales are told of its healing and revitalizing effects.

Finally, the guides will demonstrate how they prepare food on the fire water by setting up a pot on a stand above the fire.

Check out a video of this awesome experience below, you will also find the approximate location of this great and well kept secret attraction in St Anns!


Location of Windsor Mineral Spring, St.Anns:

Windsor Mineral Spring Fire Water jamaica

Windsor Mineral Spring Fire Water jamaica

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