Scuba Diving in Jamaica: Montego Bay & Ocho Rios Hotspots

Scuba diving is not one of Jamaica’s top travellers attractions. Nonetheless the beautiful island of Jamaica has got some great scuba diving spots along the north coast. Montego Bay and Ocho Rios offer various diving sites including ship and plane wrecks and beautiful natural coral reefs.
On the south coast various breathtaking finds are yet to be evolved. The waters around Kingston are loaded with many ancient wrecks from the history of Jamaica. In this post we will focus on some of the best and most beautiful scuba diving sites in the Montego Bay and Ocho Rios areas.

Montego Bay

Widowmaker’s Cave
The Widowmaker’s Cave is likely one of the most well-known scuba dive sites of the Montego Bay area. The name of the site derived from the cave in the book by James Jones called “Go to the Widowmaker”. It is a dive for more experienced divers, the lowest point is at 24 meters depth.

Basket Reef
Basket Reef is a favoured site in the Montego Bay Area. This diving site got its name from the giant basket sponges that are found here.
You can expect to see sponges, barracuda, parrot fish, black coral and barracuda on this site.

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Ocho Rios

Wreck of the Kathryn

kathryn jamaica wreck deck

Artificial Reef on the Kathryn Wreck

This is a favourite dive in the Ocho Rios area. The Katryn is an old WWII Canadian minesweeper wreck which is 43 meters (140 feet) long. It was sunken by Fantasy Divers and Water Sports in 1991, to create a new unnatural reef. It now rests at a depth of 15 meter (50 feet). There are some nice spots to discover in this wreck like the wheel house and at 20 meters from the Kathryn you can find a couple of exciting swim troughs.

Jack’s Hall
Jack’s Hall is a reef at depth of 12 meter (40 feet). This scuba diving site contains a series of reefs and sand channels. This amazing site is dominated by attractive sea animals like scorpion fish which blends with the colors of the reef like a chameleon. Lettuce sea slug, different kinds of coral such as brain coral, star coral, finger coral, Elkhorn coral and a diversity of sponges are located here. There are also nurse sharks takings naps in the sand.

Devil’s reef
This dive commences at a 20 meter (65 feet) depth and it subsides into deeper water, about 40 meter (130 feet). You will find blackball sponges and staghorn coral growing in this area. On your way to deeper parts you will pass schools of bogas, barracuda, creole wrasse, atlantic spade fish and ceros. If you are lucky you can spot large green moray eels in the cracks and holes of the reef.

Runaway Bay
This site is a beautiful place to scuba dive. There are grouper, stingrays and turtle, snapper, sharks, green moray eels and barracuda living in this reef.

Top of the mountain
This a reef at a depth of 18 meter (60 feet). The reef is coated with corals of various kinds and colors like small coral heads,brain coral and star coral. There are also masses of smooth flower coral as well as many other kinds like sea plumes, soft gorgonians sea rods and sea fans. Also present are glasseye snappers concealed in coral heads, graysbys, shy hamlets, squirrelfish, indigo and red band parrot fish swim around the reef.

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