Pum Pum Rock, Bog Walk Gorge, St Catherine

Bog Walk has a strong and long history which helped to form the Jamaican landscape. It has one of the oldest roads in Jamaica which was built in 1770. The Spanish named this place “Boca de Aqua” which means “Mouth of the Water”. However the name was degenerated to Bog Walk by the incomprehension of the Spanish language by the British settlers.

Just 15 kilometers (9 miles) south of Faiths Pen, the Bog Walk area features the historic Flat Bridge, but maybe one of the even better known attractions of this region is the pum pum rock. This is a rock that has a close appearance of the female genitalia. Pum pum is the word in the Jamaican dialect, patois, for vagina. This rock is also known as the nature rock and pum rock. This astonishing rock is visible from the side of the road and many travelers will give it at least a quick look ;).

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