Negril on a Budget

Tips on how to double, or even triple, your stay in paradise. My partner, Natasha, and I quit our jobs and moved to Negril, Jamaica with very little money in our pockets. Our goal was to immerse ourselves in the local culture, and to live there as long, and as cheaply, as possible.

What most people spend on a two week vacation in Negril, we were able to stretch into months. We took all of the tips and tricks we were taught by locals, and learned through trial and error, and included them in this ebook so others would be able to do the same. In this ebook you’ll learn the exact steps to take on how to get from Montego Bay airport, to your destination in Negril, for under $10usd (it will cost the other tourists $50-$80usd).

You’ll learn how to shop, and eat, like a local saving hundreds of dollars on your trip. You’ll learn how to navigate Negril, and the whole island, on the cheap. We’ll show you how to get from the beach, to Rick’s Cafe, for around $2usd (the other tourists are paying up to $20usd). Our ebook is loaded with tips on how to extend your stay in Negril. It should be noted though, this is a book for budget travelers. If you’re used to the luxury, and seclusion, of the all-inclusive resorts, or feel that Jamaicans are only there to wait on you hand and foot, this is not the book for you.

Our tips will immerse you in the local culture. You’ll be eating and drinking where locals do, not stuck in some boring, overly priced, tourist trap. Our hope is that there are still travelers out there who want to experience the real Negril, and want to be able to do it for an extended amount of time. If that’s you, this book will help you immensely on your journey.

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