Montego Bay

When after obtaining enough money from her business as a real estate agent, Izora Shepherd or Zoe as she is at times known as; will arrange for her a vacation, only if to have a “me-time,” to her; to the Caribbean paradise of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The real estate agent, will overlooks some of the terrible heresies surrounding the picturesque area of Montego Bay, until Zoe Shepherd learns of a dreadful crime, which is about to have the entire hectare of Montego Bay to feel sort of spine-chilling to the real estate agent, so austere to Zoe, she will vow never to return to the paradise like island, although Montego Bay harbors such a deadly atmosphere amid its tropical ferns, flowers also tropical winds; creating MONTEGO BAY, to become one of the most perilous places.

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