Learn Over 1000 Patois Words and Meanings the Easy Way (Jamaica Guide)
Get Over 1,000 Patois(Patwa) Words to Help You Learn the Jamaican Language
This book is a comprehensive and organized collection of the MOST popularly used words and phrases by Jamaicans. This learning opportunity is great for vacationers, persons doing business in Jamaica and any other persons who wish to share or learn the Jamaican language style.

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Some example Patwa words are found below:

A : prep. to as in “go a shop,” from Spanish
A GO : aux w/v. going to do, as in “Me a go tell him”
A DOOR : outdoors.
ACCOMPONG : n. name of Maroon warrior, Capt. Accompong, brother of Cudjo; also name of town. From the Twi name for the supreme deity
ACKEE : n. African food tree introduced about 1778. From Twiankye or Kru akee
AGONY : the sensations felt during sex
AKS : ask
ALIAS : adj. (urban slang) dangerous, violent
AMSHOUSE : poorhouse
AN : than
ARMAGEDDON : the biblical final battle between the forces of good and evil
ASHAM : n. Parched, sweetened, and ground corn. From twiosiam
BABYLON : 1. the corrupt establishment, the “system,” Church and State 2. the police, a policeman
BAD : good, great
BAD BWAI : (bad boy) 1. refering to a bold man; a compliment 2. One who has committed a crime. (rude bwai, ruddy, baddy) (31)
BADNESS : hooligan behavior, violence for its own sake
BAFAN : clumsy; awkward
BAFANG : a child who did not learn to walk the 1st 2-7 years.
BAG-O-WIRE : a betrayer
BAGGY : underpants for a woman or child.
BALMYARD : n. place where pocomania rites are held, healing is done, spells cast or lifted
BAKRA : white slavemaster, or member of the ruling class in colonial days. Popular etymology: “back raw” (which he bestowed with a whip.)
BALD-HEAD : a straight person; one without dreadlocks; one who works for babylon
BAMBA YAY : by and by
BAMBU : rolling paper
BAMMY : a pancake made out of cassava, after it has been grated and squeezed to remove the bitter juice.
BANDULU : bandit, criminal, one living by guile a BANDULU BIZNESS is a racket, a swindle.
BANGARANG : hubbub, uproar, disorder, disturbance.
BANKRA : a big basket, including the type which hangs over the sides of a donkey.
BANS : from bands; a whole lot, a great deal, nuff, whole heap.
BANTON : a storyteller
BASHMENT : party, dance, session
BAT : butterfly or moth. English bat, the flying rodent, is a rat-bat.
BATTY : bottom; backside; anus.
BATTYBWOY : a gay person
BEAST : a policeman
BEEF : desirable woman
BEENIE : little
BEX : vex (verb), or vexed (adjective).
BHUTTU (BUHTUH) : an uncouth, out of fashion, uncultured person Use: Wey yu a go inna dem deh cloze? Yu fayva buttu
BIG BOUT YAH : Large and in charge. Superlative indicating status (power, fame, money, talent, etc) within some social group
BISCUIT : a particularly attractive woman
BISSY : cola nut.
BOOPS/BOOPSIE : Boops is a man, often older, who supports a young woman; boopsie refers to a kept woman
BLACK UP : To smoke weed. Like somene would ask “You Black up today?” Meaning did you smoke today?
BLACKHEART MAN : a rascal, a hooligan
BLOUSE AND SKIRT : common exclamation of surprise.
BLY : chance, “must get a bly”, “must get a chance”.
BOASIE : adj. proud, conceited, ostentatious. Combination of English boastful and Yoruba bosi-proud and ostentatious
BOASIN TONE : Swollen penis or testicles
BOBO : fool.
BOBO DREAD : a rastafarian sect based on the teachings of Prince Emanuel Edwards distinguished by turbin-like headdresses, flowing white robes and communal living
BODERATION : Boderation comes from the word bother and that’s basically what it means. If something is a boderation then it’s a bother.
BONG BELLY PICKNEY : a greedy child who ate too much.
BOONOONOONOUS : Meaning wonderful.
BOX : To smack or to hit in the face.
BRAA : from BREDDA; brother.
BRAATA : a little extra; like the 13th cookie in a baker’s dozen; or an extra helping of food. In musical shows it has come to be the encore.
BREDREN : one’s fellow male Rastas
BRINDLE : to be angry
BRINKS : title given to a man who is supplying a woman with money
BUBU : fool.
BUCKY : home-made gun slave
BUCKY MASSA : master over the slaves
BUD : bird.
BUFU-BUFU : fat, swollen, blubbery; too big; clumsy or lumbering.
BUGUYAGA : a sloppy, dirty person, like a bum or tramp.
BULL BUCKA : a bully
BULLA : a comon sugar and flour cookie or small round cake, sold everywhere in Jamaica.
BUMBA CLOT, (TO GET) BUN : to have one’s spouse or girl/boy-friend cheat on oneself, to be cheated out of something
RAS CLOT, BLOOD CLOT : curse words
BUCK UP : meet
BUMBO : bottom; backside. A common curse word, especially in combination with CLOT (cloth), a reference to the days before toilet paper.
BUTOO : a person of no class
BUN : burn
BUNGO : n. racially pejorative. Crude, black, ignorant, boorish person. From Hausa bunga-bumpkin, nincompoop
BUNKS : to knock or bump against, from “to bounce”
BUNKS MI RES : catch my rest, take a nap.
BWOY : Boy

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