Jamaica Underground: The Caves, Sinkholes and Underground Rivers of the Island

Greatly extending the long out-of-print first edition, this new volume features over 300 specially redrawn cave plans, colour plates illustrating the Jamaican underground scene and numerous extracts from previously unpublished expedition logs and anecdotal accounts of explorations. This second edition of “Jamaica Underground” provides the only single source of detailed information on the caves of Jamaica.

For each of the over 1,000 listed sites information is provided on the depth, length, altitude and characteristic features together with a guide to the equipment required for exploration. “Jamaica Underground” also includes a comprehensive annotated bibliography of over 500 entries. These range from scientific studies of speleogenesis, karst process, hydrology, biospeleology and palaeontology, to more general reading which will be of interest to visiting cavers and noncavers alike.

The only comprehensive volume on the caves of Jamaica, this book is a speleological treasure trove of information and makes a significant contribution to the speleology of tropical karst regions.

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