Culinary Landmark: Jerk treats at Faiths Pen, St Ann

Jamaica’s number one travel food stop is marked by a strip of merchants along the road that runs down Mount Diablo and into St Ann. Faiths Pen seems to be where the climb up “the devil’s mountain” settles and points out the beginning of the descent to the north coast. It lies abouth 15 km (9 miles) north of the Bog Walk Area which features the Pum Pum Rock and the Bog Walk Flat Bridge in St Catherine. The short chain of Jerk porc and Jerk chicken stands, which is set against a background of red soil and green mountains, emits Irie Jamaican vibes, with loud Reggae music everywhere and the smell of baked breadfruit and jerk smoke filling the air.

jerk porc chicken stands st ann jamaica

Faiths Pen Jerk stands

At Faiths Pen, you can buy anything from roast corn, roots wine, honey, cow cod soup, steamed fish, to mannish water and many more great tasting typical Jamaican foods. Over the years, every vendor has created their own specialism, and they all have their own loyal customers.

It is easy to find the most popular, oldest and best jerk stands at Faiths Pen. They are the ones with long queues, waiting to be served, in front of them. To say it briefly, Faiths Pen is one of the best places on the island to try and taste all kinds of typical traditional Jamaican food and flavours.


How to get to Faiths Pen

Faiths Pen is easy to reach, it is only a 20 kilometer drive from Ocho Rios and it lies alongside the A1 highway/road that runs from (and to) Montego Bay / The North Coast to Spanish Town, Kingston and Portmore. Check out the exact location of Faiths Pen below.

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Location of “Faiths Pen” on the A1 highway, St Ann.

travel irie jamaica jerk chicken meal

Jamaican Jerk Chicken meal

travel irie jamaica jerk chicken porc stand roadside

Jerk Porc and Chicken Stand

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