A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica The Perfect Travel Companion  

A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs- Jamaica is the perfect little companion when traveling to the island, talking to locals, reminiscing about a trip or just having fun with friends and family.

The first in a series of eBooks based on the original publication featuring seven Caribbean islands, A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica combines a rich mix of unforgettable, funny and sage Jamaican proverbs with choice information about the island’s celebrity residents, its natural beauty, history and culture.

Read and share A Sea of Wisdom, Island Proverbs – Jamaica with friends, family and loved ones. Talk the island wise talk and entice Jamaicans and others to join in the fun.

Play the game “I’m not Jamaican but I’ve got Talent,” and voice your best impression of a Jamaican proverb. With the variety of accents that make their way to Jamaica each year, every impression guarantees laughter and a slice of wisdom too, enough to take home.

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